A person who has constantly accumulated irreputable damage throughout their entire life. Damage which cannot be easily repaired if at all. Also someone who has been beaten into submission by life's adversities or has given up on trying to overcome the obstacles.

A song by Metallica called, The Unforgiven might be about a broken man.
There's an old broken man living up the street who hides in his house all the time.
by honestguy87110 August 16, 2009
(n.) someone who has fallen from grace. Living in poverty with a soiled reputation.
Hitler died a broken man.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 4, 2004
Broken Man:
A man who continued on a selfless path beyond his human limitations to the point that he was mentally and spiritually overwhelmed and something inside of him actually broke, (his nerve or his spirit). From that point on he is a shell of a man; unreliable, undependable. Broken
Many men during the American depression in the 1930s left home to find work, never to return. Most became broken men because their task was beyond them, and they couldn't face it. They came to a bad end. This is a broken man.
by Traditional Man November 12, 2018