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The look obtained by a bro when he has long enough hair to put his snapback on backwards, and have all the hair from his bangs flowing backwards from the top of the forehead underneath the snaps up into the hat. Extra points are earned if the flow has some body or sideways flow. Broflow can be seen at the gym, on the beach, at the local skate park, or in Freshman level business courses.
Bro #1: Hey bro, check out this dope snapback.
Bro #2: Sick. You can totally broflow that.
by orangedizzle February 06, 2013
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when you are on a pub crawl with your mates and halfway to the next pub you need to take a piss.This triggers a chain reaction between all your mates who decide they all need a piss too thus causing a brow flow.
"man i cant hold on til the next pub im gonna nip in these bushes for a piss." "yeah me to man" "wow i think were having a bro flow moment"
by the urban dictionator August 03, 2009
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Long, curly and wavey hair obtained by the bros. To be considered flow, it must be free of gel and have a natural look to it. It's sexual and masculine at the same time. Long hair dont care bros.
JPR has some gnarly bro flow
by JPRegs February 07, 2012
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The positive bro-ish energy experienced between two or more bros when something very bro-like or chill is accomplished.
Wes: Did you see me killin' those Natys at that party last night?

Will: Yeah man, we had some real bro flow going.


Will: Dude, did you see that!? That was so chill!

Wes: Let's get some bro flow going with a fistbump
by Wes757 January 19, 2011
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