Itś like brotherhood but WAY stronger. Also the adjective of the word bro.
Describe Paul's and Eriks brodom throughout the story.
by Foo Ooof April 11, 2018
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a trashed, rundown house that consists of about twenty shirtless, college "meatheads". most have at least one std and are secretly gay for one another. their daily routine starts with waking up with their one night stand and stumbling into the kitchen to mix up their protein shake that was premade from their mom the day before. this is followed by hitting up the gym for only just enough time to boost their self-esteem and get home to wax the beater. after washing and shaving each others asses they start the night by using their penis pumps and bumping to frat music before hitting up the hoodrats.
Ex 1:
bro #1 "what are we doing tonight?"
bro #2: "hanging out at the brodome"
bro #1: "what are we doing tomorrow?"
bro #2: "hanging out at the brodome"

Ex 2:
bro #1 (usually ginger): "am i a stud?"

Ex 3:
bro #1: "grab my fanny pack and speedo and lets hit the beach"
bro #2: "ok turd"
bro #1: "dont forget the bieber cd"
by MR.STEALYOMAN March 31, 2011
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An alliance of bros for a common cause. A brodom could possibly include a girl, but it's very rare.
Andy: Guys! We've got to free Bill from AID! WHO'S WITH ME!?!?
All the bros: FOR THE BRODOM!!!!!
by YourBroThatsAGirl May 19, 2022
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When one get a lot of rebound chicks
People call me Lamar brodom, cuz i get all of the rebounds
by Shenanigans23 June 30, 2010
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