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Brobanger (n) A woman usually college age, that hooks-up exclusively with bros.
"Dude look at her, she's so hot."
"Yeah, but she's a total brobanger."
by David612 September 21, 2009
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part of speech : Noun

1) A girl that either flirts, dates, or hooks up with a person you call your " bro" and then knowingly or unknowingly hooks up with you or vice versa ( a close friend not just just a word you use excessively)

2) The preppy way of saying Homie Hopper.

3) A woman who engages in hooking up with a pair of close friends or a group of friends.

4) A girl who hooks up with two sets of biological brothers .

5) A Female who hooks up with friends around the same time.
Dan: Yo bro Amanda is so hot.
Steve: Yeah I know check out these sexts
Dan : Dude she sent me the same pic and look what she said
Steve: What the hell ? she knows we're best friends. why would she try to hook up with both of us ?

Dan: Yeah I don't like that.
Steve: She's a bro Banger !!!

Lisa: I was sick this weekend. Give me details on the party.
Leah: Omg you missed out. It was amazing. I hooked up with 3 guys.
Lisa. I can't believe I missed it. FML. Who did you hook up with you slut lol ?

Leah : I hooked up with the Chase Brothers and Eric.

Lisa: wow they are all best friends. you're such a bro banger
by PeteyChase101 December 13, 2009
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