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not disimilar to carbo-loading; instead of pasta you feed your bro (or brah) a heap of positive affirmations just before a big race/interview/event. excessive bro-loading can lead to a bromance and, if left unchecked, the word can take on a whole new meaning...
bro 1: bro, i'm going out with that way hot chick tonight!

bro 2: no way bro! you got this, ur gonna slay that babe. seriously, she has no idea what's coming. you've got the job, the car, the looks, and your dissertation on the tragic death of Paul Walker was gripping yet nuanced. i almost feel like she doesn't deserve you...

bro 1: dammit, you're right, i am gonna slay that babe. thanks for the timely bro-loading! what would i ever do without you?
by @nimbly_jimbly July 13, 2016
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