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Combination meal of breakfast/lunch/dinner, when the first food of the day is eaten strangely late in the afternoon.
Billy straggled downstairs at 4:30 pm looking for food. "What's for breakfast, Mom? I mean lunch." "You mean brinch," Mom replied knowingly.
by dolly llama December 01, 2009
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A derogatory portmanteau term comprised of the words "Bad Grinch", used to describe any miserable person or persons whose Yuletide garb is considered inadequate or socially unacceptable, especially that of shop workers.
After repeated use amongst outsider groups, the term now encompasses any range of pitifully unimpressive takes on festive costumed characters, whether it be one a Gremlin or the Chanukah Zombie.
Some Guy: Hey, see that fat-ass in the cotton ball Santa beard and the old sock hat? Man, what a brinch.

Some Other Guy: Have a little sympathy, would ya? He's probably just some maths teacher who found a more worthwhile job.
by MrScareChrome July 03, 2014
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