Low-quality marijuana, usually grown outdoors, with seeds, in Mexico. The Mexicans smuggle it to the US in highly-compressed bricks, hence the name. Brickweed only refers to the way it was packaged, and there can be such thing as good brickweed, but it's usually a bad thing.
Jose would sell us some.

Nah, we don't need his shitty brickweed.
by Melgar II June 10, 2008
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low quality marijuana...about 1/5 cheaper then "kind bud" marijuana
This motha-fucken brickweed dog. Yu should of gotten KB
by Outfile August 18, 2003
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very badly grown weed smuggled from mexico. it is compressed into a "brick" to make it easier to smuggle. contrary to popular belief, brickweed is always shitty weed but only because it was grown wrong. mexican brickweed can be very dank if grown right. infact, most of the popular strains of today have mexican genetics in them.
I bought some shitty brickweed but I got some good seeds from it that I'm going to grow.
by therealarne November 28, 2008
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