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Peruvian slang for a Peruvian woman who aims to meet gringos - men from North America or Europe. A woman who is simply attracted to foreign men is not necessarily a brichera. Brichera implies that the woman is seeking to climb the social ladder by creating a new life or somehow benefit financially in the short- or long-term from relationships with foreign men.
I've seen that brichera talking to a different white guy every night this week.

(As a verb): ΒΏEse gringo es tu novio? Β‘EstΓ‘s brichando!
by Tall Can April 21, 2008
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A Peruvian slang word. A brichera is a young girl or women, from roughly the ages of 15-30. There are two types of bricheras, both are really just prostitutes but ones that dont charge for sex. The first are women that are looking to meet foreign men in the hopes of dating or marriage or even a quick fling, in hopes to leave there lives and country, and the second type, women that search for foreign men hoping to exchange sex for small gifts or a trip to the supermarket. This second type of brichera is risky, because this type does not reliably use contraception and therefore are at higher risk for transmitting STD (Sexual Transmited Diseases).Bricheras will tell the tourists stories of there love, and lies, but the moment the tourist leaves she will be having sex or anal sex with another tourist tell him the same stories. There are no pretty bricheras, just easy dirty lying ones.

She is a real fucking brichera, a total whore.
by Adam Ant November 16, 2006
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