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briana is a very smart, beautiful young girl who is always happy and confident but can feel ugly. Never lets people get in her way, she falls in love easy but she usually doesnt cry over a boy, she can get very overwhelmed and stress and has anxiety, she loves all of her friends . She hates to disappoint and hurt people. Briana never fails to brighten someones day and her smile is fantastic. She does wear makeup. She knows what she wants and chases it no matter what obsticals stand in her way. If you know a briana date her because i promise you shes loyal and loves you. And if shes likes you then believe her. Briana is confident in herself no matter what and SHE IS NOT A HOE!!!!!
person 1; omg that girl is so pretty and confident why does she wear makeup?
person 2; thats briana kathleen ragan
by itsme.112 August 26, 2017
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