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brewsamba- noun- (brU-sahm-buzz) (brew=beer, samba=Brazilian dance and musical genre)- beer drunk in a casual setting, consisting of 2 or more "homies". Usually comes in bottle, and not can form, due to the fact that bottles are way more "sexy". Often consumed with phrases such as: "shit the bed", "i smoke unfiltered shit", "thou wilt give thyself relief, if thou doest every act of thy life as if it were the last", and "fuck you J-bone". The act of imbibing (drinking) brewsambas can result in any minx (female) within a one mile radius of the occurence, moaning, and uncontrolably grasping the nearest rod-shaped object. In response, the centaurs (men) committing the act will typically wink, and then retort "such is life".
Gentleman #1: Yo, me and the homies were sippin brewsambas all night.

Gentleman #2: That sounds like boner soup!
by Tuck M March 20, 2011
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