(verb) To have one's finger broken by the football while attempting to catch a particularly hard-thrown pass.

Comes from Brett Favre's notoriety for throwing one of the hardest balls in the NFL and having broken several of his receivers fingers on multiple occasions throughout his career.

also acceptable: favre'd
"How did you manage to break your pinky?"
<i>"Oh, I was Brett Favre'd by John in the tackle football game we had last weekend."</i>
by Josh November 28, 2004
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To be broken up with via text message. This is the way the Packers parted ways with Brett Favre.
Guy 1: Hey how are things going with Phoebe?

Guy 2: Didn't you hear she broke up with me last night? I got Brett Favre'd dude.
by TSIABoss December 08, 2012
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