1. n. A term for a geeky kid, usually one who is quite weak, pathetic and scrawny.
2. adj. Used to descibe a person or object with the properties of a brenig. Also used as a synonym for boring or dull.
3. v. A term used by players of the videogame Earthworm Jim to descibe players who are playing extremely poorly.
1. "It's not our fault we bully the fuck out of him, it's his fault for being such a brenig."
2. "This economics lesson is so brenig, I think I might kill myself before long."
3. "Mate, stop breniging and start playing this masterpiece of a game properly!"
by EarthwormJim69 April 13, 2011
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n. A term to describe a nerdy kid, usually quite skinny and weak.
He's a pathetic brenig, he just stays at home studying economics and being unsociable instead of going out.
It's his fault we bully the fuck out of him: he's such a brenig.
by JarJarBinks_99 April 22, 2011
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