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(brem'sir)(adj.)any piece of information that, within any context, is rendered useless, unncessary, illogical, inconsequential, and/or fucking retarded; (v.)to thoroughly perturb an individual to the point of suicide, while simeltaneously being obese/ to render oneself useless to all those around you; (n.)a rare elite humanoid spawn from the MMORPG World of Warcraft, Bremser-gor can be found in any world instance but is non-hostile, as he is too busy being useless to the rest of humanity and eating Skippy- two nuetral quests involving the character include searching for his lost lecture notes and to help him find his phallous/ when having sexual intercouse, an act that in which the male partner suddenly becomes disinterested in the female partner and decides to eat instead/ a theatrical or cinematic production that intends to be a profound cultural breakthrough but is instead a piece of shit/ someone who is utterly worthless and absurd
(adj.)My English teacher told me to remove the bremsir information from my paper, because it made no fucking point and took an additional hour to read; (v.)my history teacher totally bremsired me today in class; (n.) The movie Rent was a big bremsir.
by Agador Cantu April 25, 2007
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