a sweet, caring , loving , girl who can make you feel so special every moment your with her or just talking to her.
you will fall in love with her the moment you see her (like i did).

she will do anything for you.
she will give you meany changes no matter how badly you stuffed up.
if she likes you, your the luckiest guy in the world and you should ask
her out straight away.
so pretty much she is the best girl ever <3
guy 1. she looks good, who is she

guy 2. yeah thats breeanna
by superman aka squishy September 04, 2013
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She is a beautiful girl who does not need to be told she is, but she does not know that she is. Her beauty is something that she believes she should not be based upon. If a guy told her he likes her she would ask him why he likes her and if he told her it was her beauty then she would walk away. She knows that being independent is not something to be embarrassed by.She likes to be known for her intelligence and personality. Speaking of personality she is funny, sweet, loyal, sincere, and caring, but she could be a bitch if you fucked with her because she does not like petty people. She believes education is the way to change the world and she cannot stand ignorant people. She is one of the most loyal and trustworthy people that you could ever meet. She also likes to watch the sunset and listen to music, while the breeze is running through her hair.
Guy #1: Hey do you know that girl Breeanna?
Guy #2: Dude yes!!!! She is so damn sexy and smart!!!!

Guy #1: I wish other hoes could be as independent and smart as her because who wants a female who begs for everything?
Guy #2: Did you know she is gonna be my future doctor?
Guy #1: Damn lucky ass. But guess what.
Guy #2: What?
Guy #1: She's my future wife!!!!
by Megamind_Wyatt_12 November 21, 2016
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A super hot babe anyone is lucky to get with, total sexy beast. If you can get it in with her, your the luckiest guy in the world. Usually amazing in bed.
Guy 1: Bro, You see that new breeanna chick?
Guy 2: Yes! Dude she's such a babe!
Girl 1: I wish I looked like that :(
by strobes_like_a_boss January 13, 2012
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Sexy beasty; usually amazing in bed.
loved by all men, makes every girl jealous.
skinny as fuck.
Guy#1: Oh my god, that girl breeanna is so skinny and sexy, i want her in my pants!
Guy#2: Dood i already got her, suck yer own dick. shes sucking mine as we speak!
by damnsexyhoe January 18, 2009
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She is a girl who doesn't know how to do math but knows how to make you laugh. She's absolutely gorgeous but she just doesn't know it. She's very humble and cares for everyone even if she doesn't show it. She's shows her affection by bullying , teasing you. She's weirdly funny if you get to know her enough. She also is a fat simp if she ever likes you she would never tell you or make it obvious. Overall she's an amazing friend and super funny.
her friend: Breeanna I love you

Breeanna: shut up you loser!
by charliedonovan November 26, 2020
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