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It isn't like any other word. It's when you take the necz, and you breakz, but you dont break their neck, you breakz necz. Their neck hasn't been broken, its been breaked, you haven't ruined anyones necks, you've ruined their necz. It's irreversable, because once you breakz necz, the necz is broken. There is no fix necz. There is no repair necz. There is no go back in time when you had a necz. Cuz theres no time travel. After you've had your neck broken, your usually dead or paralyzed. Once you've been breakz necz'd, I don't know what happends. Cuz no ones survived a breakz necz encounter. If you have your necz breaked, you can attempt to scream shit just got real, except since your wind pipe is probably also broken you can't talk, so you prolly just die.

Brennan: We breakz the benkicz necz

Brennan twists benkicz necz until its breaked.

Breakz necz

by Mitchhater143 December 20, 2007
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