A complete reinvention of oneself and one's image, achieved through treatment and improvement one's physical appearance, as well as ending one's relationship with a detrimental significant other. A portmanteau of "breakup" and "makeover".
Kate Gosselin had a breakover when she dumped Jon and got a new hair style.
by alank3000 March 10, 2010
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When one has a long break from school or work (i.e. holiday, inclement weather, disability, long night of partying) and is too tired and out of the element to get back to business, resulting in inattention, sub-par work ethic, and periodic unintentional naps
Teacher: Wake up! You had a whole week to catch up on sleep!
Student: Sorry, ma'am, I have a serious breakover
by Unicakes March 21, 2011
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