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When a guy is unceremoniously dumped by his girlfriend whilst still in love with her and looses all motivation in self-grooming, instead spending all of his time feeling sorry for himself and chain smoking. The result is either a large grizzly adams style bushy beard or a pathetic patchy puberty beard.
The beard is ill advised as although it fits with your new found self image of self loathing, it also makes it near on impossible to get over your ex as all other members of the opposite sex will find it and you grotesque.
dude, it's been nearly three months since brian got dumped by his ex and he stil hasn't shaved off his break up beard. It's disgusting, i can't breath through my nose when i'm around him anymore and i'm pretty sure i saw a piece of pasta in it the other day.
by loooy December 14, 2009
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the very unattractive beard that guys grow for the month or two following a break up, usually with the guy getting cruelly dumped
Guy 1: I see Matt and Lucy broke up
Guy 2: How did you know that?
Guy 1: He's got a break up beard coming through
by SRVciple November 08, 2011
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