(n.) One's trade, proffession or other means of earning.
a little bird told me that sucking cock is your bread and butter
by Kung-fu Jesus July 27, 2004
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1. Verb--The act of violently and repeatedly slapping someone in a backhand, then forehand, then backhand fashion (the hand "buttering" the face/"bread"); can also be used to refer to someone being owned. Pseudonyms include B&B, Country Crock on Texas Toast, Land O' Lakes on Wonderbread, etc.
I saw these girls catfighting, and one of them jumped on the other and straight bread and buttered her!

America just buttered Al Qaeda's bread!
by Danchawk May 03, 2011
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Used for saying that two people go togther. Like in a relationship, if u lot r gud 2 gether or get along.
Also means you lot are alike, get along ect.
nas: "we been 2 gether 4 long u no"
damien " yep wifey cos we like bread n butter".
by Nasa February 21, 2005
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