Bastardation of "Be right back, I'm going to cry" or "Be right back, I am crying." Used when one would like to excuse his/her self because he/she is overwhelmingly sad, about to cry, or hysterically laughing. This term is used more commonly on the internet.
(Text messaging): "Dang, your breath smelled like shit today!"
"Wait.. since when?"
"about second or first period when you shoved that entire bag of croutons down your throat"
"brb crying"
by unajunga December 31, 2014
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definition : be right back crying! To be said when your been sarcastic

Sophie made this word
Natalie: call meMy princess 👸🏽 ❤️“
Ben: No
Natalie : BRB CRYING
by sophiehthewordmaker January 13, 2022
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