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Its when a latin chick wacks u off with one of her hands squeezing your balls.
Last summer, I visited South America and this Brazilian woman gave me the brazilian handshake .
by Jackm E. Pleez April 03, 2009
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An informal greeting usually used by Brazilian prostitutes and more commonly Catholic School Girls.

To preform a Brazilian Handshake, first grab the recieving guy's junk, wheather through pants, or direct hand to shaft connection. Next shake his tallywacker up and down for a few good seconds. Never to be confused with a Detriot Socket Wrench.
Guy1: Dude, I was standing in line for lunch, and this bitch comes up and gives me a Brazilian Handshake infront of everyone!

Guy2: Whatever! I bet you're going to tell me she asked for a swingset next!
by Jimmy Fastajouly January 16, 2007
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