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A vast amount of awesomeness and or radness often found in humans, given said term as a name at birth by the genetic parents.
Dude that skateboard trick was so braith.
by sergio chips June 20, 2008
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A person who is extremely sporty;however he is a bit of a bookworm and is a great friend.
"No way!! You actually did this for me!? Your such a good Braith!!"
by UzairA00000 October 11, 2018
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He is very attractive and muscley. He is very kind and caring. He has beautiful eyes and is quiet. When you first meet him he is friendly and has open arms for new friends. He is a sporty person too. All the girls love him and are very jealous when he finds a lover.
Girl: omg it’s braith wait doesn’t he have a girlfriend now?
Other girl: yeah she’s so lucky!
by moosaidthecowwww February 12, 2018
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