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n. The aftermath of a classic headshot. Often used in games and movies to indicate a killshot. Depending on the rating and nature of the media it ranges from simple blood spray to a graphical display of parts of the brain and/or skull.

Can also be spelled without a space, as brainsoup.
Playing Bulletstorm is insane! I can hardly see anything due to all the brain soup.
by Wyrlor March 18, 2011
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An condition where your thoughts are jumbled and your brain is just generally not functioning well. This is metaphor comparing the unorganized thoughts to food items floating about a soup without any direction. This is often caused by overworking yourself, having a hangover, or something similar. It's comparable to being brain dead.
Guy 1: How are you feeling this morning man? You were pretty messed up last night.

Guy 2: I have brain soup right now, I can hardly even think of a way to respond. Don't let me drink that much again for at least two weeks.
by Mr.BDC March 29, 2011
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1: The state of being suicidal; hatred towards life
2: Retarded; mentally challenged
Person1- Dude, you must have brainsoup.
Person2- Fuck you, man. *cries in corner*
Person3- Oh shit, look! The brainsoup is freaking.
Person4- Dudeeeee, awesome!
Person2- *dies*
by CattieCrunk March 26, 2009
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