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When your in a middle of a sentence and forget what your going to say next. The feeling of your mind going blank.Usally happeneds when your underpressure.
I had a Brain Muffin during the final, i couldn't answer a single question.
by Better Off February 21, 2006
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A brain muffin is an original concept coming from you that is a detailed epiphany. It's akin to baking a muffin in the oven. It takes time and the right ingredients, and eventually a tasty treat.

These treats are thought-provoking ideas that are fresh-baked regularly. Think of them as idea stubs that could become an idea cake. (Generally, you'll develop brain muffins into something bigger, but you don't have to.)
I had a brain muffin today about how i can use peanut butter to get my dog to take his pill.
by Headcircus August 23, 2016
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