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The time during the day at which it is no longer physically possible to wear a bra. Can also be written as bra:thirty, bra 30 or bra:30. Bras are removed for the remainder of the day at bra thirty.
I got home after a long day at work and what do you know? It's bra thirty! Sweatshirt and yoga pants for the rest of the evening!
by becky75 July 14, 2016
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bra thirty (bra:30) for C-cups or larger: when you come home and change into a comfortable, looser-fitting bra -- which is then slept in as well. #neverbraless
i keep my stretched out bras to wear for bra thirty (bra:30). they are only worn at home because they no longer give full support. keep in mind, these are NOT ratty, holey, or ugly bras; the elastic band is just stretched out.
by chatsnoir July 16, 2016
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That glorious moment when you are finally able to divest yourself of your bra and finally get comfortable. Usually applicable to small breasted, fit women who only need one to keep from getting headlights all over the place.
"I just hit bra thirty an hour ago, and was headed into beer thirty and some ridiculous crap happened at work and I have to go back. It's cold in that damn server room, so I have to get back into my damn bra again so I'm not on high beams."
by UnsweetenedIcedTea July 17, 2016
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