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The so-called "Bozone layer" is a thick, impenetrable shroud of bozone that surrounds all intelectually challenged people. When an bozone layer appears, it is hard to get rid of, and on the contrary it grows, blocking out all intelligent thoughts from reaching the victim. Though many tests have been performed, we have yet to discover a substance which creates bozone holes.
-Gee, he has a thick bozone layer!
-I wasn't talking to you.
by Moonflash March 23, 2005
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The area around a manky, sweaty, or otherwise unwashed individual, in which his or her rank body odour can be inhaled by another person. The individual is usually blissfully unaware of his own stench and will often remain so, even if told. It is best to remain outside of this layer, as it is known to be toxic and even corrosive in some cases. Contact with a layer should be treated as soon as possible with soap, deodorant or anything that smells stronger than the vile fumes of the B.O. itself.
Person 1: "Woah! Dude, I just got a strong blast of David's B.O.!"

Person 2: "Yeah, he has a huge layer, so you have to stay a good distance away when you're talking to him.
by Nile the sociopath March 15, 2011
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