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A boyb is an word that that started in Oklahoma and is used as a synonym for the word "boob." It is most commonly used in a classroom when students aren't allowed to use vulger language, and they need a "code word" for "boob" that the classroom teacher, authority, etc... will not understand. Another commonly used word in the same category as boyb is the word bweb. meaning "fantastic, pillow like" breasts.
Hey Roya, nice boybs!
by Adrenalinetester June 15, 2010
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Often stand for bring your own booze/beer
Are you coming to my house party tonight? It's BOYB
by FlyingAssHat September 13, 2016
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Bring your own bitches. This is the term for when you go to JP's house and want to get some dome
Yo BOYB party at JP's house after the game.
by SC football October 23, 2006
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