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'bowf' is like 'dang!' or 'ohsnap!' to be used when someone 'burns' you or when you're punched/kicked in the mid-section. (among other uses)

bowf sounds like 'south' ending in an 'F,' and beginning with a 'B' and not like 'both' ending in an 'F.'
Friend: Dance Fail FTW. Geez, I love watching people get pwned.

Me: pwned vids are the best.

Friend: I'll have to record our Smash Bros. matches in that case.

Me: bowf!!
by Arthur Baynes January 16, 2009
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Is in direct relation to an African American who can't properly pronounce the word "both" and it sound like "bowf". An African American can be referred to as a "bowf".

Curtis Jones is known to be the first bowf.
"I ain't gonna pay for bowf of us"
"Who's going 40 mph in the left lane? Probably a stupid bowf!"
by shofmonkey March 04, 2005
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a verb to describe any significant happening or action
"did you see that man he was just like bowf. punched him straight in the dome."

"then he was just like bowf popped outta nowhere"

"man it was like huge like bowf"
by Bronnyboy!!!1 September 01, 2008
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