comes from a fat vertically challanged boy who looks like e.t, a mole and ian hislop from Have I Got News For You all rolled into one he also is the butt of many jokes
look at that fat little bosworth on his own in the corner of the disco trying to be funky
by Mark davidson February 14, 2005
Full of druggies ranging from the ages 11-18. Half the school are wannabe road-men and the other half still play tig in the playground. Too poor to afford good canteen food as they waste it on buying ipads that are only used by year 8's watching fortnite videos during lessons.
roadman 1: YO wot highschool u goin to g
roadman 2: Bosworth academy my g
roadman 1: Nah peak not bosworf akademeh. shid bro watch ur back
by whatthebob August 31, 2019
1. The worst kind of women in modern Hollywood:
- zero talent
- zero charisma
- zero self-respect
- homely in the beauty department
- no style
- no brains
- no values
- no education
- not a role model (cocaine, anorexia, casting couch, homewrecker, famewhore, back-stabbing, men stealer)
- boring
- deluded ex-starlet or hasbeen
- fake blonde

2. Being a failure in everything you try.

3. When your career is based on who is your boyfriend or who are you bearding for.
1. Kate Bosworth goes by many names: Boswhore, Bosho, Beigwhore, Beigeworth, Bosworthless, Egghead Bosworth, Praying Mantis, Smug face Bosho...

Kate on great danes: "Great Danes are just, like, so great, aren't they? They're just, like, big dogs! I know! Yeah, yeah, Great Danes are great. Oh, my God, they just so are!"

Kate on tea: "God, I'm hot from that tea. Woo. All the sudden, I'm like, woo, warm! That actually happens to me if I have a hot drink? Yeah, yeah."

2. Jonathan Ross (british talk-show host) on Kate Bosworth: "It was like having a lamp sitting out here"

Fashionistas: "Kate Bosworth's jewelry line is so tacky, it should be called Tackymint"

3. Random bimbo: "I'm useless, but I know how to manipulate dumb men, so I'm gonna be a star anyway. I'll do a Kate Bosworth"
by bimbo-stopper October 17, 2010
A shit school full of gays and snowflakes, your more likely to get raped by an emo there than do any learning, you get put in iso for doin fuck all and all the teachers stink of shit. The only good bit is the trips but the cunts even make you pay £600 more than they pay, wank place full of absolute cunts.
Boy 1: hey what school do you go to

Boy 2: market bosworth
Boy 1: gay
by Dan wain 69 January 16, 2021
Its a shitty school in the middle of buttfuck no where full off wannabe bredrins and chavs who think there hardcase and say ‘cah’ and ‘styll’
1st lad “Yo, what school you moving to?”

2nd lad “Bosworth Academy”
1st lad “ nahhhh that schools so bad mannn
by Some year 8 lol April 20, 2018
A shit school in the middle of fucking nowhere that loves to put students in detention and have noncey teachers who stare at the kiddies changing in PE.
First guy: yo g where you moving
Second guy: Bosworth Academy
First guy: Fuck me that’s a shit school
by Bobstain404 March 28, 2019
A blonde, stupid and ugly actress who is constantly seen following famous celebrities in award shows just to get attention. Also, dating Orlando Bloom for blood-sucking intentions. Has big ears and a butt-shaped chin. Hated by worldwide girls and the main subject of voodoo dolls.
Shannon: Hey, Kristy, do you want to go to Kate Bosworth's house, lurk in the bushes and throw rocks at her?
Kristy: Hell yeah, girl! Lets kill that b*tch!!!!
by k_cato June 27, 2005