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A Borgen is a Dutch practical joke that requires two willing participants and a swimming pool. Both individuals must swim to the bottom of a pool. One person must fart and the other has to catch the fart bubble in his/her mouth. The carrier then walks up to the target, taps them on the shoulder and breathily says BORGEN! thus transfering the remnants of the fart to the victim's face.
Rodolf: *minding his own business*

Hubrecht: *tap,tap,tap*

Rodolf: Huh?

Hubrecht: BORGEN

Rodolf: Whatever weirdo...Hey, what stinks?

Hubrecht und Werner: *Laughing hysterically until something dawns on Hubrecht*

Werner (to Hubrecht): You totally ate my fart.

Hubrecht: Aw Fuck *wretch*
by Dignan August 03, 2006
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