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The red veins that appear on one's nose after years of righteous boozing. The veins may be accompanied by pocks and vodka filled bubble busters that fester on your face until you dunk them in holy water.
See: Ted Kennedy, Tip O'Neill, Tommy Lasorda, WC Fields, Fred Mertz, or any commie politician who wakes up with Popov in his coffee. Boozenose is a mark of honor that can only be earned. If you take offense, too bad. You should have out down the cocktails a long time ago.
by boozenose June 02, 2010
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When you get a runny nose the day after a long night of drinking.
Person 1: "Hey, can you had me a tissue. My nose has been super runny today and I can't figure out why."
Person 2: "Did you go out last night?"
Person 1: "Yeah."
Person 2: "Sounds like you got a case of booze nose, bro."
by PassduhCharles July 07, 2012
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