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Bootslapping: to express political displeasure by throwing footwear.”

Source: Macintyre, Ben. "Who Puts the Boot Into the Shoe Throwers?" The Times Online, February 5, 2009.
Subsequent to the incident where an Iraqi threw his shoes at George W. Bush, bootslapping became a frequent expression of public protest.
by AVilaEditor February 06, 2009
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a dance move; done by a fan of industrial music or Rivet-heads(look up definition).Rivet-head's often wear garb such as old army boots, giving a slap with the palm of the hand while dancing. dance popular among rivet-heads, performed chiefly to industrial or electronic based music.
Rivet-heads began boot slapping to show off their dance moves.
by CG roxane August 09, 2007
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