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A tool used by shoplifters. Usually a shoebox with one side of it cut out, and lined with tin foil. The missing side is held against the body and items are stuffed into the box and then walked out of the store. The tin foil is used so that the anti theft device won't set of any alarm systems on the way out. Often tested by putting a cellphone in the box and then trying to call it. If the phone doesn't ring, then it's usuable. If it does, the one solution is to use more tinfoil.
On a side note, you will be arrested if found in posession of one of these, even if you were not in the act of shoplifting.
Dude let's hit up Best Buy, I just made this sick booster box and they won't know what hit em.
by Rabblerouser August 16, 2006
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A box filled with Booster Packs, anywhere in number from 20 to 40, which can be purchased in order to avoid paying a heavy premium when buying packs individually. Most often purchased by serious gamers in need of cards for booster drafts or sealed deck practice.
Dude I'm gonna buy a booster box of Zendikar so we can practice and own the grand prix.
by Tico420 July 19, 2009
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