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Babbling nonsense while heavily intoxicated on drugs and/or alcohol. The term originated in Valdosta, Georgia in the early 1990's. It was termed boomtrucking due to the fact that someone who had not spoken much all night while at a party suddenly began rambling on about boomtrucking. He had recently gained employment using a boom truck to cut trees. The term soon spread throughout Georgia and the South and then to Colorado where many Valdostans had moved to sell drugs and party. The term is still used today mostly among Spreadheads (fans of the band Widespread Panic).
Larry ate a lot of Molly and started boomtrucking about how much he loved everyone.
by Nose Dive November 16, 2016
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random words that come out of someone's mouth when they are fucked up due to drugs or alcohol.
I just saw Sam over on the corner couch with his eyes crossed and he was boomtrucking.
by JoshWaP April 03, 2007
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