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A penis that resembles a tree trunk or an oversized sexual toy. A love length of substantial proportions.

AKA Megahog
1. Get your laughing gear around my boomhound.
2. Oh my god look at the size of kev's boomhound you can see it through his jeans.
3. Which is bigger, my boomhound or this child?
4. Sometimes I think this boomhound is just too big.
5. When I meet a girl who can deal with the full length of my boomhound Im getting married.
by Sgt Kroney & The Circle April 06, 2005
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A massive cock. One so big, it is difficult and even annoying to carry around. Boomhound Day is April the 6th, after it was invented on that day in 2005.
Bommhounds tend to live in a boomkennel that is the area around the penis/ wanger
Dude, can you think of any other words for this oversized penis?
by Juicy ripe melons April 07, 2005
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