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Phrase coined by a Ball State news anchor during what was to become the worst sports broadcast ever performed. Attempting to be like the guys on Sports Center, this ridiculous phrase constituted the only semi-coherent words spoken throughout the broadcast, indicating to the general public that his entire session was centered around this laughable quip.
". . Later he gets the rebound, passes it to the man, shoots it. . .and boom goes the dynamite."
by ThroatJab May 03, 2005
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also can be said at the point of male ejaculation.

the best example would be from Family Guy where Brian puts off having sex with his new girlfriend and she cheats on him with Cleavland.
Cleavland - Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! OOOOHHHH!! And boom goes the dynamite
by Zael yagami April 30, 2009
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Popularized by a video of a radio broadcast at a college. A guy was asked at the last moment to fill-in for the normal sportscaster. He was given a poorly written script that did not match any part of the replay video, yet he stuck it out. The segment was so ridiculously fubared he ended with, "and boom goes the dynamite."

Refers to being involved in a situation where everything that can go wrong, does, yet sticking it out until, inevitably, the dynamite goes off (which itself is a reference to movies where, no matter what, the bomb goes off.)
The absolute finest example of "Boom goes the dynamite" is BP's approach to trying to stop the crude oil being pumped into the Gulf of Mexico.
by Dilvish June 13, 2010
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Exclamation uttered by a waiter when he recieves a large gratuity.
Chance opens the guestcheck presenter,scans for the tip, and, feeling it, blurts "BOOM goes the dynamite!"
by chance tripper May 07, 2009
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