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A Bookling is a slang expression for a very studious person. It is commonly associated with other similar expressions such as geek, nerd or dork but without such a negative connotation. It is this that most students turn into during their exam period just before summer when social interaction and party life seems to reach an all time low.

The common bookling's habitat in modern days most commonly a library though sometimes it is still found in the wild, studying in a park or in its lair which experts refer to as its "study". It is still unknown how this animal manages to procreate despite the lack of social interaction with other humans. Though they are sometimes found in packs (so called "study groups"), they barely ever interact, and their procreation a mystery remains to this day.
God, she's a right bookling.
What a bookling.
Shut up and leave us alone, bookling, this is for cool kids only.
by PKO1986 May 02, 2006
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