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A very Canadian oriented breast or breasts (in the case of "boobehs"). Term ussually given to the pertruding amount of fatty tissue area that extends from a canadian female's chest. Known by many as the titteh or titty the boobeh may be confined to the north leading to many occurances of erectoreous nippleous. Saught after by men and lesbians alike, the boobeh takes on many shapes and sizes, some built for comfort, others for speed. It is up to the consumer to have a decent amount of product knowledge to best select his, but prefferably her desired boobeh.
"So i was searching through some of my favorite cannuck pornography, and I saw some wicked boobeh!"

"I cant undo your bra to let out your boobehs, im so awkward"
by Drewzor April 15, 2006
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Boobies boobs Tits Breasts jugs melons knockers rack hooters cans
Dan: Where are you going?
Jake: To get me some boobeh
by DannyD2oo8 June 13, 2008
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