A display of mock or sarcastic sympathy. Often used in reply to someone whining about something that is his or her own fault or that is ultimately unimportant.
You: My mom is such a bitch! She caught me peeing on the cat and now I'm grounded!
Me: Boo fucking hoo.

- or -

You: I dropped my ice cream on the ground! My day is ruined!
Me: Boo fucking hoo.
by Bug0 May 24, 2008
Someone who is always whining and complaining and you reply “Oh. Boo fuck your hoo
by Coop0818 April 30, 2022
when you send a meme to your compadre and he replies with PrIvAte
me: *sends meme*
compadre* ItS pRiVaTe
me: welp boo hoo fucking doo sharen
by i_wrote_this_so_ya June 21, 2019