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Beer which one "discovers" having not known that it was there. Typically this occurs after a party or family gathering/event and may often involve a secondary fridge or forgotten cooler. Discovery of said beer is usually followed by feelings of joy and well being, similar to finding unexpected money in a jacket one has not worn in some time.
I'll just clean out the fridge, haven't done that in a while... wait a sec what's this? BONUS BEER! Righteous!
by Chef Dionysus August 13, 2006
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the worst word ever, shitty beer, UF late night beer after the bars close (i guess)
"guys want a bonus beer?"
"no gimme a miller light bottle"
by boston March 09, 2005
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A lost beer you find in the fridge.
I woke up in the morning thinking I drank every ounce of alcohol the night before then SHAZAM!
Bonus beer magically appears!!!
by knockanutt November 05, 2017
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