When you're dressed like a diva (for a girl) or when you’re pimped out (for a guy). You’re workin’ it, struttin’ it, walkin’ with attitude and having a good time, all at the same time.
by kalina_luv December 8, 2009
n. -bonga/bongga. A state where you're overdressed for the occasion, loaded with make-up to the point where you look caked. Trying too hard to look fresh, you end up looking busted.
-Did you see Tam Phan today? She looks so bongga.

-Hey Tammy, did you see Dat Phan and her caked eyeliner? Bongga for sure.

-OMG YOU LOOK SO BONGGA TODAY, you taking your cosmetologist license or something?
by Cu'omo Shi'aido November 14, 2007