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A person of Indian descent who is very fascinated by Japanese culture. He/she will own and proudly display traditional Japanese items and act as if he/she is Japanese.
Hey dude, look at that bollyboo over there in the samurai pants and fedora.
by bollyboo69 September 15, 2016
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A play on words of Bollywood and Weeaboo, like Slavaboo, Chinaboo or Koreaboo. A non East Indian person who is obsessed with East Asia, India, and Bollywood. Think of it as a Weeaboo but for India, Bollywood, and neighboring countries.

This word comes from r/weeabootales in which foreign user u/weeaboofeg showed dismay over a girl obsessing over their Eastern Asian culture. They asked what she would be called when user "Earl_Sports" answered, 'Bollyboo?'
Rajneesh: Man, ever since I traveled to America with my family, Akitsu has obsessed over me, and my culture.

Daniel: What you're dealing with is a Bollyboo.

Rajneesh: What is 'Bollyboo'?

Daniel: Think Weeaboo, but for India and Bollywood.
by The Occor Eosnetso Experience December 30, 2018
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