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Bojocore is a style of politics denoted by excessive hyperbole and an avant garde bouffant.

Bojocore is a portmanteau of Boris Johnson hardcore, following in the paths of previous words such as hobocore and rapcore. Bojocore is derived from the excessive hyperbole, fantastic similes and idiosyncratic hairstyle exhibited by Boris Johnson, the winner of the 2008 London Mayoral election and current Mayor of London. To be bojocore, one must have a political career, or be a politically active figure while at the same time exhibiting the traits of Boris Johnson, notably the hair.

Bojocore is a growing movement with its roots in the politically minded contributors of the European forums for the popular game World of Warcraft. 1

The bojocore movement seeks to inspire young would be polticians to throw off the staid image of modern poltics and adopt a style both extravagant and lovable to help fight the apathy in the electorate which affects many modern politicians.
Man, have you seen how bojocore Boris has gotten recently...Jeez!
by egelbryn May 06, 2008
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