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1. An affirmation; i.e. dude, right on, hell yea, etc.

2. An improper noun; i.e. thing, stuff, trinket, etc.

3. An expletive.

1. Example: Speaker 1 “We should go get lit, then set that old sofa on fire.”
Speaker 2 “Bobkat.”

2. Example: “For the soup you will need water, noodles, chicken, a carrot, celery and an other bobcat or two."

3. Example: You are piss drunk, broken hearted, trip on a loose cobblestone and fall right onto your martini glass ruining a new shirt with blood, glass and bourbon. You would then shriek, “BoBKaaaaaT!@%#$*?!!!!”
by Vincent K. Veer September 09, 2007
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