A boba liberal is usually an upper middle class East or Southeast Asian living in the West, typically in the United State or Canada, who identifies as a liberal. However their association with liberal ideology and liberalism is simply a means to increase their proximity to whiteness or to pretend to be white themselves. Boba liberals use their Asianness to speak on behalf of the Asian population in the West, using talking points created by white liberals, which has a tendency to gaslight actual issues faced by the Asian diaspora. The Asian identity of boba liberals is very shallow since it goes directly against their goal of aspiring to whiteness, so they use surface level stereotypical Asian traits such as "liking boba tea" to boaster their Asian credentials. Liking boba tea does not require much personal investment since many people like boba tea and is a fairly harmless non-opinion to take unlike, for example, "the United States should not interfere in China's domestic affairs," or "Asians suffer from systemic bipartisan conservative as well as liberal racism."
Mainstream Asian Liberalism is like boba tea, all sugar, no substance, hence "boba liberalism."
by SeoyeonlovesDan December 8, 2019
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The kind of privileged Westernized diaspora East or Southeast Asian liberal that you don't like, whether it's because they're too liberal for supporting affirmative action, or it's because they're not enough of a communist
For the past few years, much of Asian American popular media has been heading down a regrettable, cringey consumer-capitalist path called boba liberalism.
by CorrectHorse December 16, 2020
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An middle/upper middle class Asian person (often woman) who has little connection to Asian culture except for superficial things (like Boba, hence the name), and tends to lean towards self-hating, progressive ideas and see's dating white people as "leveling up". They want to be white, but when the time comes they pull out their "I'm Asian" card to speak on behalf of the entire Asian diaspora which are often white, liberal talking points that just further piss off other Asians.
She's always bringing up white privilege and white supremacy but she only dates white guys, what's up with that?

She sounds like a boba liberal.
by 360plyr135 August 13, 2020
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An Individual of East/SouthEast Asian descent who pretends to be "pro social justice" and "pro diversity" but does not care to speak out on issues harming their own race or community, and typically also :
- has no experience in life with racism

- has a small to non existent Non White circle or at the very least, a small to non existent Asian circle
-only dates white people whilw claiming to be pro diversity and claiming that "all races are equally attractive"
- pushes for Non Asian People of Color to have opportunities but doesn't care for Asians to be in the same position
- views their own race as the perpetrators of injustice towards non white POC
-believes that White people are the enemy but has a 90% All White social circle and only is familiar with Anglo Saxon culture
-puts down their own race by ignoring all issues affecting their own race and believing that it is impossible for Asians to be a victim due to "privilege" but still claims to be a "pro Asian advocate"

Examples include:
Nextshark 's entire online community, The Love Life of An Asian guy , "Ranier Maningding", Constance Wu, Eileen Huang from Tedxtalks, and most Asian BLM supporters
Eileen:"I don't see racism in our community. We Asians are too privileged to experience racism and must acknowledge our anti Blackness."
Everyone with a brain:" Wow, what a Boba Liberal"
by UFCObsessed January 18, 2021
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