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The kind of privileged Westernized diaspora East or Southeast Asian liberal that you don't like, whether it's because they're too liberal for supporting affirmative action, or it's because they're not enough of a communist
For the past few years, much of Asian American popular media has been heading down a regrettable, cringey consumer-capitalist path called boba liberalism.
by CorrectHorse December 16, 2020
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a chat with a random person from your Slack workspace after you two have been matched by the Donut bot on Slack
On one of my Donut dates I met someone working on a different component of the same project, so we decided to do an end-to-end demo to highlight the work our two teams are doing. It was a huge hit, and it wouldn't have happened without Donut.
by CorrectHorse August 3, 2021
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