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A kick-ass weapon from Japan and Okinawa. It's basically a big ol' stick. They are usually one fist higher than the user is tall, and made from hardwood.
This iron pipe make a kick-ass bo staff!
by Shard April 19, 2005
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1. Weapon used by Slade and Robin in the animated Teen Titans

2. Small cylindrical device that extends into a fairly long metal rod

3. Nickname for a man's penis, reason being that it 'extends' and 'retracts'.
1. Oh my god, did you see Slade and Robin whacking each other with their bo staffs?!

2. I beat the crap outta that crazy ass mofo with my handy dandy bo staff!

3. Guy 1- Dude, last night I whipped out my bo staff and used it on my girlfriend!

Guy 2- niice!
by TTRaven4Ever April 11, 2010
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A Special secret weapon for Enter the Matrix. Has only been found by a elite gamer named Necro Ryan2002. Fear him.
I used the Bo Staff to kill the agents!
by Ryan Swaim October 23, 2003
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