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it stands for the uk band bring me the horizon. they use the initials on their merch and people sometime refer to them as simply BMTH
"what's the bmth stand for on your shirt."
by maya September 23, 2007
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It stands for an amazing band names Bring Me The Horizon. Many fans refer to them as BMTH.
BMTH is a UK band, but they are well known in other countries including the US.
The band members include Oliver Sykes (vocals), Matt Nicholls (drums), Matthew Kean (bass), Lee Malia (guitar), Jona Weinhofen (guitar).
Person - "Hey are you going to see BMTH this weekend with me?"

Other person - "Of course! Oli is so hot!!"
by Maddieisthename July 28, 2010
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bring me the horizon also known as BMTH are a death metal/ screamo band. You can hardly understand the lyrics, and not every one likes them.
Guy 1: hey dude wanna listen to some BMTH with me?

Guy 2: no way man they're messed up!
by justanothergold September 24, 2008
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