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Derogatory term for skim milk. The lack of fat in the milk makes it appear watery and blue-tinged in color.
My doctor recently put me on a diet that includes reducing my dairy intake. I've been drinking whole milk all my life and can't stand the taste of that disgusting, watery blue john.
by D Mitchell May 29, 2007
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A sexual move, were one takes a sip of a blue slushy and spits it out into his or her partners vagina and/or butthole, providing an excelent cool sensation.
Cameron: Dude, I just gave Blair a blue john, she came instantly
Max: Yeah, that's typically a crowd pleaser. I bet her vagina was all blue after words.
by J.T. Falls September 08, 2011
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Titty milk The thin, watery but TASTY milk squeezed or sucked out of the tit / boob / breast of a lactating woman.
Babe, scoot on over here and give me a bite of that sweet Blue John
by lawdad August 05, 2010
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