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a musicial duet consisting of two very handsome gentlemen from the province of aviano

'Hey man, did you see blue dollar last night?'

'Couldn't. Testicle transplant.'

'Right! You missed a good show!'
by quitknockingonmydoor November 19, 2008
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A dollar manufactured only by the "blue dollar guy". Has something to do with red pants.
"I cant believe you spent your blue dollar"

"hey, I was hungry!"
by cheez wiz November 11, 2003
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This botch sucked my dick last night for a blue dollar. Or this bitch gave me a blue dollar to suck my dick last night.
by CupOfCheese November 16, 2018
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In drug culture, blue dollars are single bills that were used to snort adderall or amphetamines. Generic Adderall comes in very distinct deep blue divisible tablets that are easily crushed and snorted for a quick high. The blue pigment stains basically everything it touches, so the edges of these bills are left with a faint blue pigment after adderall/amphetamine insufflation. This is get another easy way to spot a fellow speedster.
"Nice blue dollars, soooo are you holding? Exams are next week bro. NEXT. WEEK.
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by Upper_Pupper April 19, 2018
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