AS in share blood, in otherwords brother. Not actually your brtoher though. But if your white you cannot go calling your black friend blud. an' vice versa.
by Luna March 7, 2004
Blud is mostly used in the UK.
It means mate.
However you should not call your girl blud as you’ll probably be slapped up.
by A.L.A. Arfaoui April 10, 2018
plural of blud, colloquial way of saying 'close friends
I'm wid ma bluds dude, whassup?
by SAll November 7, 2005
referring to brother, male cousin or close friend.
"Blud how you holding up."
by Cyphon2 August 20, 2022
eg.....bredrin,star(for da white people "dude")
wats gwanin star

nuttin much blud jst chillin
by gyal October 3, 2003
bateheads use this word.
seen blud seen
by chris iggulden December 11, 2003
Yam dem pies blud!

Dont stick da chilli sauce up yo ass again blud
by Capz December 31, 2004